5 Questions About FormsPro

Jul 30, 2020


Paper is a thing of the past. With our workforce constantly adapting to new regulations, going paperless, and having real-time data is more important than ever. We know that finding the right paperless solution can be difficult, but we are here to simplify that process as much as we can.

FormsPro in the Field Service Industry

FormsPro was created to make work simpler and safer. Our no-code mobile forms application can deploy within a day and is incredibly easy to use. The drag-and-drop interface has all the features you need to keep business moving efficiently and keep your team safe.

To simplify your field service mobile application research, our team wanted to be transparent about the questions we answer most about FormsPro.

The Top 5 Questions About FormsPro

1 – Does it integrate to our business solutions?

You betcha! FormsPro is built for easy integrations. By integrating with your business solution and data sources, your team can benefit by:

– Having your data available for your technicians

– Easy data capture

– Pushing data back to your business solutions

– Export forms and data to a file

– Manage your data for easy reporting and dashboards

FormsPro can also run as a stand-alone solution.

2 – Can I access and report on the data?

Absolutely! FormsPro includes a Basic and Advanced Report Builder to help your team address all their reporting needs. You can also use the data and reports to build custom dashboards. Your data is yours and only yours – we do not collect or distribute your data.

COVID-19 Dashboard

3 – Does it have logic and workflow for my business use cases?

Yes! FormsPro is a drag-and-drop interface that includes logic and workflow. Other features include:

– Schedule and Dispatch

– Auto Numbering

– Linked Forms

– Conditional Fields

– Barcode Scanning

– Photos and Annotations

– Signatures

– Time and Date Stamps

4 – What extra items are needed to start with FormsPro?

Getting started is simple; the OmniByte team will reach out to request access to your business solutions and can have your team set up on FormsPro within hours!

FormsPro Mockup

5 – What are the benefits my team will see right away?

FormsPro is a simple, easy-to-use tool that your team will love. Our clients experience enhanced productivity, increased job safety, better customer experiences, and simplified compliance tracking, saving your company time and money while improving the work lives and safety of your field service personnel.

Why FormsPro

In the world of field service management, we put your team first. Our mission is to improve the work lives and safety of field service personnel, and we take that mission to heart.

FormsPro was built to support a safety-first culture while giving your team an easy-to-use forms builder that provides data to your field service personnel, technicians, managers, office, and customers.

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