Covid 19

Rapidly Deploy COVID-19 Response Solution

Employee Health and Safety

  • Utilize forms to track employee health and well-being.

  • Use real-time data to report positive cases and failed health checks.

  • Create dashboards to monitor and prevent virus spread.

  • Send specific health reports based on email addresses.

Keeping your business open with FormsPro

  • Rapidly create and deploy FormsPro to your team, wherever they work.
  • Reduce the time spent and number of in-person meetings.
  • As rules and regulations change, update your forms in an instant.
  • Fast and accurate responses with entry defaults and integrated fields.
  • Complete forms online or offline. 

As OSHA and CDC release re-opening guidelines, the OmniByte team continues to build features focused on keeping your customers and team safe.


Field Service Personnel Industries Examples

  • Wipe down phones, tablets, and computers frequently.
  • Remove paper to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Send accurate health reports if you feel ill or have symptoms.
  • Track the disinfecting schedule for all equipment. 

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