Economic Resiliency Grant Information – How FormsPro Can Help

Jul 30, 2020


The North Dakota Department of Commerce has introduced the Economic Resiliency Grant to support North Dakota businesses with their COVID-19 solutions. This is a grant awarded to businesses that meet specific requirements towards re-opening their business. These grants can be awarded up to $50,000 per eligible business and up to $100,00 for companies with multiple locations.

ERG Information

Are You Qualified for the Economic Relisiency Grant and Where Can You Apply?

Applications are open!

Information about this new grant can be found here:

Application Process FAQ
Business Eligibility FAQ
Eligible Expenditures FAQ

A Digital Form COVID-19 Solutions

As a North Dakota business, we are excited about the opportunity to help other local companies survive these trying times.

OmniByte offers a no-code digital forms solution that helps reduce and monitor the spread of COVID-19 and provides enhanced productivity.

FormsPro helps your team create smart mobile forms that can be used across your whole organization.

What is FormsPro?

FormsPro is a smart, mobile application, that allows your team to create and use forms anywhere. The drag-and-drop editor makes forms easy to build and edit when needed. Our no-code solution means your team can see benefits quickly to increase job safety and efficiency. FormsPro can integrate with your current and future business solutions, or act as a stand-alone solution.

FormsPro Benefits

With FormsPro, your team will benefit from the following:

Enhanced Productivity

Increased Job Safety

Improve your Field Service Management and Business Software

Boost Customer Experience

Track compliance and streamline reporting needs

Easily remove paper and PDFs


FormsPro Features

Our team is constantly improving FormsPro and the features you need for your team to be successful. Some of these features include:

Schedule and Dispatch

Auto Numbering

Drag-and-Drop Interface


Linked Forms

Conditional Fields

Photos and Annotations

Signatures, and more!

Using FormsPro to Track and Prevent COVID-19

COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

FormsPro can help you track employee health and safety while helping you re-open safely as a business. Track employee health with questionnaires required each morning to recognize symptoms and positive cases. Use real-time data to create dashboards and reports to send directly to supervisors. As rules and regulations change, you can modify your forms instantly.

Getting Started with Your COVID-19 Solution

Contact us today for your free demo.

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