Economic Resiliency Grant Information – How FormsPro Can Help

Jul 30, 2020


The North Dakota Department of Commerce has introduced the Economic Resiliency Grant to support North Dakota businesses with their COVID-19 solutions. This is a grant awarded to businesses that meet specific requirements towards re-opening their business. These grants can be awarded up to $50,000 per eligible business and up to $100,00 for companies with multiple locations.

ERG Information

Are You Qualified for the Economic Relisiency Grant and Where Can You Apply?

Information about this new grant can be found here.

A Digital Form COVID-19 Solutions

As a North Dakota business, we are excited about the opportunity to help other local companies survive these trying times.

OmniByte offers a no-code digital forms solution that helps reduce and monitor the spread of COVID-19 and provide enhanced productivity.

FormsPro helps your team create smart mobile forms that can be used across your whole organization.

What is FormsPro?

FormsPro is a smart, mobile application, that allows your team to create and use forms anywhere. The drag-and-drop editor makes forms easy to build and edit when needed. Our no-code solution means your team can see benefits quickly to increase job safety and efficiency. FormsPro can integrate to your current and future business solutions, or act as a stand-alone solution.

FormsPro Benefits

With FormsPro, your team will benefit from the following:

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increase Job Safety
  • Improve your Field Service Management and Business Software
  • Boost Customer Experience
  • Track compliance and streamline reporting needs
  • Easily remove paper and PDFs

FormsPro Features

Our team is constantly improving FormsPro and the features you need for your team to be successful. Some of these features include:

  • Schedule and Dispatch
  • Auto Numbering
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Workflow
  • Linked Forms
  • Conditional Fields
  • Photos and Annotations
  • Signatures, and more!

Using FormsPro to Track and Prevent COVID-19

COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

FormsPro can help you track employee health and safety while helping you re-open safely as a business. Track employee health with questionnaires required each morning to recognize symptoms and positive cases. Use real-time data to create dashboards and reports to send directly to supervisors. As rules and regulations change, you can modify your forms instantly.

Getting Started with Your COVID-19 Solution

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