Fillable PDFs or Mobile Forms?

Jul 30, 2020


Let’s be honest, paper doesn’t cut it anymore. The industry realizes this more as the world shifts to data-driven solutions and the increased demand to solve complex problems. Companies have grown from paper to fillable PDFs but are realizing they need more.

FormsPro is a mobile application created to improve the safety and work lives of field service personnel.

Form in the Oil Field

Fillable PDFs or FormsPro?

Fillable PDFs can seem like a good option for companies (it’s hard to say no to the cost), but your team is missing out on beneficial features that can increase job safety, productivity, and revenue. When you add a mobile forms application to your business solution or use it as a stand-alone solution, you are adding to the safety of your field service personnel.

With FormsPro, your team can work online or offline, submit completed forms to your office, and send forms to your customers.


It’s true, both PDFs and FormsPro have a simple signature solution, but that is all you can accomplish on a PDF. With FormsPro, you can utilize pre-filled fields, time and date stamps, schedule and dispatch, and enhance productivity by submitting the data you need.


By adding images in FormsPro to your specific form, you can streamline and document necessary changes, issues addressed, and if the project has been completed.


With FormsPro, you can collect data through your forms to create reports and dashboards, which increases safety for your technicians.

FormsPro Admin Mockup

Additional Features in FormsPro

FormsPro offers a variety of features that a fillable PDF cannot support like:

– Schedule and Dispatching

– Auto Numbering

– Conditional Fields

– Email Envelopes


– Barcode Scanning

The Benefits of Being Paperless

In a world that demands information at your fingertips, paper is a thing of the past. With FormsPro, you can update and change forms as needed – with a simple sync, your team will receive and update the forms they need. Based on form answers, conditional formatting will guide work, reducing downtime for your technician. Above all else, your team can use reported data to increase job safety.

Dispatch Phone

The Struggles of Going Paperless

Adjusting to a paperless workflow can seem like a lot of work, but with FormsPro you can integrate with your business solutions with ease. FormsPro can also be used as a stand-alone solution for your business needs.

Scared the process will take too long? Our no-code solution means your team can be up and running with FormsPro within a business day.

Not sure if the team can adapt? We’ll provide you with a form and basic reporting to start training your technicians with, as well as hosting hands-on training.

Afraid it will cost too much? FormsPro is billed per user on your team.


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Ready to Ditch the Fillable PDFs and Paper?

Interested in learning more about FormsPro? Request your demo today.

Technology continues to push the field service industry, and we are here to help you and your team find the right solution.


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