FormsPro 4.2.1 Release

Jan 6, 2021


OmniByte Technology is excited to announce the release of the newest FormsPro product

Fargo, North Dakota. January 6, 2021— OmniByte Technology is excited to announce the release of the newest FormsPro Product 4.2.1.  Our team has been busy enhancing our current solution making the latest release the simplest to buy and start using than any other version released to date.  The newest release is available on SaaS, On-premises, runs standalone and can more deeply integrate to business software and other technologies.  FormsPro further extends its use as forms platform across an entire organization.

“OmniByte continues to listen to our FormsPro users and the market and strives to increase the value of our customer’s investments in our solutions and technologies,” said Ray Berry CEO on OmniByte.  “The OmniByte Team is resilient and nimble, and they know how to build software which is intuitive, reliable and simple to adopt while accomplishing our mission to improve the work lives and safety of every user.” Ray added, “I am excited about our newest FormsPro release not only because of NEW users and industry driven features, we have made a strategic investment in making FormsPro easier to try and purchase with new multi-tiered product options purchased directly through FormsPro’s eCommerce site.  We continue to invest in the development of technologies which will accelerate digital transformation in field service, mobile workforce industries and beyond.”

Along with new features, an enhanced free trial experience is now available for potential customers.  This allows prospective customers to try FormsPro before they buy.  Other new features include contactless signatures, public forms and more.

ABOUT OMNIBYTE TECHNOLOGY: OmniByte Technology is dedicated to creating solutions for Field Service and mobile workforce organizations.  OmniByte’s FormsPro and TechPro mobile applications and technical services improve the safety and work lives of field service personnel while reducing costs, increasing revenue, efficiency, customer service, and overall employee satisfaction.  OmniByte was founded in 2015 and is in the NDSU Research and Technology Park in Fargo, ND.