FormsPro for IFS Cloud

Smart Mobile Forms for IFS Field Service & Mobile Workforce Industries

OmniByte is an IFS Cloud Authorized Channel Partner, and we pride ourselves on our deep field service industry knowledge. And just like IFS, our focus has always been on customer success and satisfaction.

Integrate, Enhance & Extend IFS Cloud

FormsPro Mobile Application Platform significantly enhances our customer’s operational efficiencies, focusing on integrating to IFS Cloud and other business applications. The end goal is to protect our customer’s application and technology investments, provide a greater return on investment, and create a competitive advantage.

FormsPro integrates to IFS Cloud using standard IFS Cloud API’s to pull and push data with FormsPro forms.

FormsPro Fact Sheet

Download the FormsPro fact sheet to learn more about how FormsPro Works with IFS

IFS Mobile Work Order (MWO) and FormsPro

FormsPro’s Deep Linking capabilities allows you to launch and populate forms with data from IFS MWO based on configurable parameters:

  • Work Orders
  • Task / Task Types / Task Templates
  • Equipment / Asset Types
  • Other parameters

This provides a single app experience for mobile workforce users.

IFS MWO FormsPro Form