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At OmniByte, we help our customers effectively and efficiently manage complex business processes and required paperwork —all done digitally with FormsPro. No other mobile forms platform offers the depth and breadth of functionality and deployment options that we do.

Smart Business Forms

Simplify complex business processes by configuring your forms to enforce business logic & compliance automatically. Extensive data input types – formula fields, conditional logic, required fields, workflows – allow you to create dynamic smart forms.

There is no need to beg for time from your IT department because, with FormsPro, you can easily use our simple, no code, drag-and-drop form designer to customize your own forms. Our intuitive user interface lets you add, remove and re-order fields or re-use sections that you’ve used on other reports. 

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Personalize your forms with robust design and branding options.

Incorporate conditional rules and logic to build dynamic forms, including Data Lookups, Conditional Logic Rules, Workflow Automation, Calculated Fields, Dynamic and Static Tables, URLs, and Locking Fields.

Digital forms eliminate the need for data re-entry and ensure that all data collected is legible and accurate.

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Get to work

Let people focus on their work, not on paperwork.

FormsPro mobile app is highly intuitive, ensuring that your users will actually use it! 


Plus, unlike paper, your digitized forms can enforce entry of required fields, provide drop-down selections for faster completion and validation, making data collection in the field simpler… and more accurate. 

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Save time and money by eliminating paperwork and increasing user satisfaction. Form data is entered in real-time, eliminating the need to complete stacks of paperwork at the end of the day.

Create digitized forms that look and feel like your existing checklists, inspections, audits, and more, which also means an increase in user adoption.

With FormsPro, you can work when you need to – even offline –as forms will automatically sync when an internet connection is reestablished


Synchronous data integration eliminates data re-entry and reduces errors. Capture and send data between field personnel, user-to-user, other employees, your customers, and back-office solutions.


FormsPro streamlines data integration with your enterprise solutions. You can pull data directly from your business solution into FormsPro to provide mobile users with pre-filled data, reducing the time required to complete forms. 

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Push data directly from forms completed in the field, back to your home office through FormsPro, eliminating the need for data re-entry and wait times.

Integrate with business solutions, internal and 3rd party systems using API services and workflows.

If you have a specific integration need, talk to our team and we can work with you to adapt FormsPro to meet your needs.

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Do more than just collect data.  Gain deep insights into trends and make data-driven decisions.


FormsPro analytics and reports let you gain a deeper understanding of your business processes by making it easy to monitor data inputs, identify trends, share reports and gain real-time data inputs from the field.

FormsPro form submission data allows you to identify gaps and spot trends quickly. With actual data, you can make data-driven improvements.

Timely and reliable insights ensure you can make data-driven business decisions to increase revenue and improve productivity. FormsPro includes an out-of-the-box basic and advanced report builder to meet your complex reporting needs.

Seamlessly export FormsPro data to Excel to share results throughout your organization in a familiar format.

There's even more!

Leverage your mobile device to capture extensive, rich data such as:

    • Attachments – any file type; video, audio, document, graphic
    • Signatures – directly on the form or via QR code
    • Images
    • GPS coordinates (you can even tag your pictures with the GPS location/time/date stamp!)
    • Barcodes
    • URL links
  • Automation of workflows prevents delays in reviews and approvals.
  • Multiple reports for each form can be created with advanced formatting for customers, external organizations or agencies, and more.
  • The Basic Report is always up to date when any changes are made to a form.
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