New FormsPro and TechPro Features to Improve Safety and Work Lives

Aug 20, 2020


This week, OmniByte officially released FormsPro 4.1.1 and TechPro 3.3.1 to our clients. This latest release offers new features your team will love.

As always, these features are created to improve the safety and work lives of field service personnel.

FormsPro 4.1.1 Features

Forms Upload – Upload forms from an image or PDF to import fields and easily build your new mobile form.

Notification Enhancements – Severe weather in your area? Notify your team and request a response back to increase safety and send additional help if needed.

Send Notifications To Your Team

Confidential Entries – Need to enter a birthdate or employee identification number? Add a masked entry to format that text field.

Language Capabilities – Your team can use the FormsPro App in Spanish!

And more!

TechPro 3.3.1 Features

Configurable Checkout – Configure your workspace to enhance your call closure process and experience for both your customers and technicians.

Checkout in TechPro

Additional Integrations with FormsPro – Launch forms in TechPro based on equipment type.

Create New Equipment Records – Allow your team to create equipment records to locations in TechPro.

Copy Field Information – Copy information from a field in the TechPro app and paste it into another location in the app or another solution.

Edit Start and Stop Times – Need to alter your time? No problem. Allow technicians to adjust their start and stop times.

OmniByte is incredibly proud of our team for creating these new features – driven by our mission statement and values, their work brings the best solutions to our clients.

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