Easily Create Mobile Forms for Your Organization




No-Code Form Builder

Mobile Data Collection

Online & Offline Functionality Supported

iOS, Android, Windows and Browsers

Advanced Field Input Types

Auto Incrementing Numbers

Upload forms from PDF and Images (e.g. JPG)

Import/Export Forms

Save, Delete, Copy and Preview Forms

Template Based Forms

User Roles to Assign Forms

Theme for App and Forms Builder

Unlimited Forms

Unlimited Submissions

Unlimited Data Storage

Contactless Signature via QR/Barcode

Contactless Signature via Email/Text

Conditional Logic per Form

No-Code Workflow per Form

App Languages Localized

User Defined Formats for Field Types

Linked Child Forms

Private Label

Increase Automation and Efficiency

Schedule and Dispatch Forms

Real-time Form Submission Dashboard

Real-time Notifications with Response Types

Email Configuration

Email Forms

Teams for Workflow

History Copy in Forms from Previous Submission

Transfer Form to Another User

Multiple Emails Per Form

Conditional Emails

Automation Professional Services

Manage Forms, Data, Reports and Analytics

Languages for Forms and Reports

Save Forms to Cloud

Edit Form Submissions and Track Changes

Event Logs

Submission Forms Export (Excel or CSV)

Standard Reports

Advanced Report Designer

Multiple Reports Per Form

Envelopes for Multi-report Emails

Data Warehouse

Advanced Analytics

Connect Business Systems and Technologies

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Data Connections

Dynamic Fields with Integrations

API Configuration

REST API and Webhooks

Data Maps

Mobile App 2 App Integrations (Deep Linking)

Advanced Integrations and Endpoint Mapping

Custom Integrations

Professional Support and Implementation Services

Live Support via Phone, Chat, Email

Professional Services

Enterprise Services and Support