TechPro. Built with and for Techs.

A Mobile Work Order App for Field Service Organization

Built With Techs

TechPro was created from ongoing feedback by actual technicians.  From riding with technicians on service calls, to diving into their experiences with their current technology options, we’ve created a tool that technicians love to use.

Built For Techs

TechPro provides a mobile application that technicians want to use.  Featuring work order management, equipment, history, quotes, signature capture and more.  TechPro is continually enhanced based on feedback and suggestions from technicians.

Built to Integrate

Why replace your Field Service Management (FSM) solution if you just need a better mobile application that works for your team?  TechPro is designed to integrate to your Field Service Management & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Challenges That We Help Companies Solve

“It takes too much time to get invoices back!”

Reduce the time it takes to invoice with our easy-to-use technology! 

“I need my techs to work more efficiently!” 

Use real-time data and algorithms to find the best schedule for your team. 

“My team wants a better tool!”

TechPro was created from ongoing feedback from actual technicians, creating a user-interface that is intuitive.

“My Field Service Management and Business software doesn’t have smart forms, just tasking!”

TechPro does more than just assign tasks. Companies turn to TechPro when they need an all-in-one integrated solution. 

“How do we retain more customers?”

TechPro is swift and easy to use – for technicians AND customers. We give your customers the best software experience. 

“We aren’t capturing all of our billable hours!” 

Make it easy for your techs to record billable hours, and channel through supervisor approval quickly. 

TechPro Features

  • Work Order Management
  • History
  • Equipment
  • Parts / Inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • Time and Expense
  • Connect forms with equipment and tasks
  • Photo and Signature Capture
  • Schedule Follow Up Appointments
  • Configurable Workflow & App
  • User-Defined Fields

Better Together

FormsPro - PNG White Logo Oct 2021

Leverage the power of OmniByte – our products together provide the tightest integration. TechPro works seamlessly with FormsPro providing techs with the forms they need when they need them. There are many options to provide administrators the controls to ensure compliance and operating procedures are met.

  • Require forms prior to beginning work, such as safety forms for compliance
  • Make any form required prior to completing a work order
    • Or, require the tech to validate that it’s not needed
  • Launch forms only for specific equipment or tasks
  • Email customer reports when the information matters:
    • Right away, when the form is completed
    • With other reports when the work order is completed
    • Or, for internal reports, not at all
  • Add forms for any use case:
    • Job Safety
    • Work Order Authorization
    • Inspections
    • Mileage Reports
    • Time and Expense

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