Top 5 Reasons to Make the Move to Digital Forms

If your techs are still using paper forms, we have one question for you:




We get it: The switch to digital forms can be daunting, complex, and time-consuming. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be. When you pick the right solution, everything falls into place easily. 


That right solution is FormsPro. FormsPro takes you from the error-prone and time-eating nightmare of paper forms or other electronic documents to a reality of increased efficiency, data accuracy and decreased administration support. It’s a dream come true.

And that’s not all that a digital transformation with FormsPro brings you. Here’s the top five reasons to put your clipboard and pen away and say goodbye – forever! – to paper forms. Make the move to digital forms and:


  1. Increase data accuracy – completing paper documents often results in inconsistent data capture in the field and throughout your organization.  Dates, time, numbers, text and more are often recorded differently by every individual.  Additionally, other items like pictures, video capture, GPS location and more can’t be captured or easily recorded.  FormsPro digital forms streamlines and supports consistent data capture for all data items.
  2. Increase productivity Think of the time it takes your technicians to find the correct form, complete the form, gather customer signatures, and get the paperwork turned in to the right people in a prompt manner. Now add the time it takes for your operational team to scan or re-key the information that your techs bring back to the office on paper forms. And don’t forget the inefficiencies of trying to decipher bad handwriting or reading through a spilled-coffee smudge.  FormsPro automates the process of easily completing forms, workflows of submitted forms, reporting and data availability to increase overall productivity of your organization.
  3. Go green & impress your customers – Paperless forms aren’t only user-friendly; they’re an environmentally friendly option, too. Switching to FormsPro digital forms is one way of decreasing the carbon footprint of your business and making it more sustainable, green! This is not only important to your organization, but customers appreciate and notice this as well.  Additionally, your customers expect immediate and faster service, reporting and more which FormsPro provides.
  4. Ensure scalability – When focusing on improving the growth and scalability of your business, it’s essential to consider all the areas where you can improve efficient workflow of your organization. Digital technology such as FormsPro forms allows you to define and create workflows for unlimited use cases.  Safety forms, work authorization, accident, HR or any form can automatically be routed to individuals, teams or departments for review, approval and editing.  This workflow automation has an amazing effect on growth and scalability of your organization.
  5. Improve compliancy and document integrity – Completing required paperwork often contains personal or other proprietary information that requires special handling to ensure information is completed, isn’t lost, stolen, or destroyed through neglect, fire or other disasters. Paper forms also need to be stored or disposed of properly. Although no system is foolproof, FormsPro digital forms ensures required forms and required information are completed while providing a safer and secure option for all your digital and data needs. 

In short, going paperless increases productivity and frees up time for your techs to concentrate on the things that matter most: customer service, time efficiency, and getting the job done right the first time.

If you’re ready to make the move to digital forms – or you simply want to learn more – contact us today.

By Mike Neuser, CRO & Partner, OmniByte